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Miriodor was formed in 1980 (in Québec City) by the meeting of François Émond and Pascal Globensky. Different musicians came and went until the band settled as a sextet, in 1983. The line-up was comprised of François Émond (violin, flute, keyboards, clarinet), Pascal Globensky (keyboards, acoustic guitar), Rémi Leclerc (drums), Sabin Hudon (saxophones), Denis Robitaille (electric guitar, bass, singing) and Marc Petitclerc (keyboards). This was the crew of the 1st album, “Rencontres”. This LP, self-produced and now out of print, has since then been released in CD format by Cuneiform Records, Miriodor’s record company since 1988. Towards the end of 1984, François, Pascal, Rémi and Sabin moved to Montreal, establishing themselves as a quartet. This group did some recordings that now appear as extra material on the reissue of our 2nd album “Miriodor”. One of these pieces, Middle Ages, appeared in the audio magazine ReR Quarterly, published by Recommended Records, company led by Chris Cutler. In early 1987, François Émond left the band, now a trio. Sabin, Pascal and Rémi then experimented with the new computer technologies, notably the MIDI system, allowing the trio to have a full orchestral sound. This trio recorded “Miriodor” at the beginning of 1988. They played at the Festival International de Musique Actuelle de Victoriaville (fall 1988) and toured France and Belgium in March 1989, with the help of l’Agence Québec/Wallonie-Bruxelles pour la jeunesse. In 1991, it’s the release of “Third Warning” with the band still as a trio. The group participated at the Festival des musiques de création du Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean and also at the International Computer Music Congress. End of 1993, a fourth member came in: Bernard Falaise (electric guitar and bass). Recording of a piece, “Promenade sous zéro”, as a quartet for the Cuneiform Records compilation Unsettled Scores. The piece is a sort of medley of pieces from two Belgian bands, Univers Zéro and Présent. 1996 saw the release of “Elastic Juggling“ by the trio with a myriad of guest musicians. Sabin Hudon left the band during the making of this album. The band played at ProgScape ‘96 in Baltimore (USA) on June 29th, played at the Montreal Jazz Festival on July 5th, played at La Maison du Québec in St-Malo (France) the last week of August ‘96. Nicolas Masino (bass, keyboards) is a late addition for these concerts. He quickly became an essential component of the band and has been a full member since then. In 1998, the band became a quintet, with the addition of Nicolas Masino and Marie-Chantal Leclair (saxophones), and worked on a new repertoire. In 1999, Miriodor composed and recorded a music score for “Almanach”, a documentary movie about the passage into the next millenium. This movie was directed by Denys Desjardins and produced by the National Film Board of Canada. In October 2000, the band played the Hot House in Chicago and at the Edgefest, an avant-garde jazz festival in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The fifth album, “Mekano”, is released in September 2001. With the addition of Marie-Soleil Bélanger (violin), the band became a sextet again. Following the release of that record, Miriodor is invited at the prestigious NEARfest festival, in Trenton (NJ), in 2002. The response is so good that the band is invited again the following year for the pre-festival show. During autumn 2004, Miriodor played again the Edgefest, shared a bill in Montreal with Frogg Cafe and completed the production of its next album, “Parade +Live at NEARfest 2002″. It is released in May 2005. The legendary Lars Hollmer (Samlas Mammas Manna) collaborated on a few pieces. In April 2005, Miriodor is premiering this material as the Day-1 headliner of the Gouveia Art Rock Festival, in Portugal. For this occasion Chantal Bergeron was on violin and special guests included Lars Hollmer and Michel Berckmans. In fall 2005, the band played the Guelph Jazz Festival for the first time, and was the opening act for Présent in Montreal.s The two following years (2006 – 2007), Miriodor played the Festival de Musique Progressive de Montréal while working on “Avanti!”, their seventh album, released in May 2009.


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