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Since the beginning the festival has been based on the encounter between artists and audience from around the world. A special link immediately joined the ROCK IN OPPOSITION to the currents of Japanese progressive music, very much alive in that country. Indeed, artists like the Japanese public are fascinated by Western and especially European culture.France and Japan have much in common: a taste for Art, Literature, Music, novelty and sophistication in all things. ROCK IN OPPOSITION depicts original artists, creative, surprising, often outside all norms. The event couldn’t help but fascinate a cultured and demanding audience from all around the world.

A Japanese group, Salle Gaveau took part the first year. This was the beginning of a love story between Japan and ROCK IN OPPOSITION, which has hosted a Japanese group on each of its editions. A twin brother of our festival in Tokyo: ROCK IN OPPOSITION / JAPAN, was created by Akiko Nagai of Diskunion (a label and record distributor) in November, 2014. Progressive music is mainly from England and the USA. It is now developing strongly in France and Japan. Gradually the forged contacts with the artists have brought us a special knowledge of the Nippon Music soil for which the ROCK IN OPPOSITION is a major festival.


Thus the 9th ROCK IN OPPOSITION 2016 has chosen to host Japanese artists on each of its days:


It is all centered around one idea: the interpretation of Japanese works by European musicians and conversely, that of European works by Japanese musicians.

Cicala Mvta

Thus, the NIPPON ELDORADO COMEDY, consisting of 6 Italian musicians including its leader Giovanni Venosta will play music AFTER DINNER in the presence of the original singer of the Nippon Group: Haruko Mizoguchi. At the opposite, at the initiative of Yumi Hara, harpist and keyboardist of Artaud BEATS (very active with the late Daevid Allen de GONG) and Chris Cutler, founding member of Henry Cow, part of the work of LINDSAY COOPER (composer and bassoonist of HENRY COW) will be interpreted by 8 musicians among whom Dagmar Krause, an always present icon of the progressive Canterbury scene and 5 Tokyoites musicians.

Cicala Mvta is one of the most exciting and original bands of Japan. Like other innovative musicians, their music is hard to define: its style could be described as "Punk chindon jazz". Kind of traditional Japanese fanfare colorful and composed of 7 musicians, playing in the streets and during major holidays, but served here by top-flight musicians including Tatsuya Yoshida (one of the greatest Japanese drummers), inventive and adept in the art of fusion music (Klezmer Music, Mongolian, Turkish).

Note that the ROCK IN OPPOSITION is initiated by the arrival of these musicians in Europe.



The second axis of ROCK IN OPPOSITION 2016 is the French scene. MAGMA is a legendary group and the absolute reference point for a musical style that has emerged and influenced countless groups worldwide.




Because of the original, energy and the enormous presence of the band on stage. Its unwavering course since 1969 makes it an example that symbolizes a constructive opposition to the business objectives of the French music industry. For some it is the greatest group of all time (George Gomelsky / producer of the Rolling Stones and the Mahavishnu Orchestra). Because of the scenic design, and for those who followed the group closely, this is may be true. Its music (and its unique and timeless characteristics) places it among the newest and most engaging creations of the last decades.

MAGMA is also an audience of loyal and enthusiastic fans, which is constantly renewing itself, all over the planet. And that success continues unabated from Beijing to Santiago, Moscow or New York since their "endless Tour" began. For us it is a fascinating story of love and loyalty with MAGMA. It has been on stage nearly 30 times through our organization which has supported this group since the beginning.

MAGMA is a major component of the construction of our activities.



NO NOISE NO REDUCTION (Toulouse), JEAN-LOUIS (Paris), APOLLONIUS ABRAHAM SCHWARZ (Lausanne), PIXVAE (Lyon) will represent the French scene at ROCK IN OPPOSITION 2016.

New generations, new scene.



Integration and mix of new musical styles.

The French scene is full of surprises: jazzcore, mathrock, psychénoise, experimental, azimuth fusion ... everything is in place for the emergence of new trends and new audiences. ROCK IN OPPOSITION, hand by hand with a "bow in the Yuca" (organizing concerts in Toulouse) and multiple influencers worldwide, has set the objective of presenting artists, little or ignored by theaters and media. Indeed we find that this music, presented wrongly as confidential or elitist, are viewed this way in the public mind only because they are not highlighted by the music professionals.

This programming, which is able to particularly rely on the Lyon and Toulouse musical dynamics meets a new generation of music lovers whose festival needs to display an “avant-garde” image, rooted in the present time



UZ JSME DOMA, is a progressive rock band vanguard of the Czech Republic, formed in 1985. It was active in the defense of freedom of expression during the totalitarian period of the former Czechoslovakia; For its opposition to the system, the group which is a great musical and political reference point in Eastern Europe played mostly illegally. We are proud to welcome such a pinnacle of artistic and political commitment, totally in line with the premise of the first groups constituting that formed an "alliance in opposition".

Upsilon Acrux

UPSILON ACRUZ, a progressive metal band? Yes maybe…

After SLEEPYTIME GORILLA MUSEUM, SECRET CHIEFS 3 MIRTHKON, continuing our close relationship with the United States (the other big country of progressive rock) and various partners based on the east and west coasts (a big thank you to the work of Joyce and Steven Cuneiform Records in Washington), UPSILON ACRUZ gives us a complex and unstructured Loud rock sound like California regularly produces.


Master-classes, collective practice workshops, educational concerts, meetings with artists. Students of colleges and high schools as well as jazz and contemporary music classes from Tarn Conservatory partake in RIO!

Before their RIO gig, NO NOISE NO  REDUCTION will finalize their new set. They will lead the musical practice workshops with young musicians and will publicly present their work to nearly 500 middle and high school students of the Department.

Conservatory students can also attend concerts of RIO and meetings with musicians that are scheduled there. A complete course to discover the particularities of this music



The festival provides more and more spaces: the village where a team of enthusiastic organizers warmly welcomes the public, a conference space, the hall dedicated to record labels / distributors booths and magazines, an Inn which offers festival-goers accommodation, a restaurant and a bar near the place (3 minutes walk from the room), comfortable camping (with tents and yurts furnished), one site whith many available activities (swimming, walks, mountain biking, skate park...), nearby restaurants and bars with culinary specialties washed down with a good wine from Gaillac, along with a team of 60 volunteers and 10 technicians serving festivalgoers.

This in this beautiful area of South West France near Albi (which is a World Heritage Site classified by the UNESCO) at the height of this unique event.

DR Christophe Hartier RIO 2015



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