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Hello to everyone,
this 9th edition lived up to the reputation of exceptional encounters that generates the Rock in Opposition. This event does not disappoint his followers and reveals its new listeners all the meaning and scope that can have the music. This is good for meeting people (yet so different) being found in a common spirit (open and free), which manages to build relationships through a level of sharing scarce, unique. The end of the RIO 2016 is the perfect representation initial and completed as originally foreseen project. Both in terms of purity and musical requirement of the mind and of the human and political sense of the act of artistic creation.
Neither elitist nor class, nor consumerist or handled. Artisanal, can be made and understood by all. But with demand and humanity. Personality and talent. Making unnecessary words, empty, not adapted to the perceived emotion. Yes this is what happened in the final hour of the RIO 2016, at that time we all expected. And happened at all swept us awake ... to life and to ourselves.
Thank you to you who created this time. Historical.
Michel Besset


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