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Thank you all for coming, and we'll see you next year!



For the 10 years of the Festival, and to share even more this event with you, we suggest you acquiring SPECIAL ANNIVERSARY pass!

It includes :

- A pass 3 days

- An access to the opening ceremony from Friday, September 15th till 6 pm

- 3 dinners with the artists with a permanent access to the dressing rooms

- The posters of the festival (80x120 and 40x60)

- A special T-shirt R.I.O. 10 years (limited edition)

- A pass 1 day to "Cap Découverte" park




10 Years Already!

When we organized the 1st Rock in Opposition (RIO) in 2007 we did not know that this event would have such longevity. At first every other year, this festival then took off each year by the attractions that it exerted to music-lovers of the whole world.
The quality of its programming and the family atmosphere of this event is no stranger.
The public of R.I.O. Has gradually developed around a family of faithful who comes from both North America and Asia.
For this anniversary we wanted (once again but especially this year) to create a unique moment.
A condensed version of the previous years which illustrates the unique spirit of the R.I.O : Its singular musical line, its sense of welcome, and its extraordinary encounters.
So here comes the time to find the audience that has trusted us during all these unforgettable editions.
The program can be questionable (and discussed!).
It is perfectly (meticulously) chosen and assumed.
Rarely has it imposed itself on me so clearly and evidently.
Many already seen? Certainly ...  not by facility, but by choice.
We invited the best of what was possible, not only a large part of the groups that marked the past R.I.O. events,but also references we are delighted to have and which we would not have dared to even dream of: SLAPP HAPPY and ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE.
We are certain that the event will live up to, or rather ... exceed your expectations!
For our part, we decided to celebrate this with all the warmth and friendliness that characterizes the atmosphere of this incredible festival.
A great weekend of music that will remain, I think, unique in our memories!

So let us see each other in September? Yes.

Michel Besset and the R.I.O. team



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